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Earned Their Stripes

Fav pic - Frank Akins.jpg

Frank "The Tank"

"Absolutely life changing and nothing short of a miracle. Not only did he help me drop 70lbs in a year, he also cultivated an environment of fantastic people that wants to help you win!"

DD31611A-E4C5-423E-901F-0DD72EBF9DE0 - Joshua Scott.jpeg

Josh S.

I have been working with Tony for the last year and I have never experienced the level of growth that I attained in that time. Tony motivates me, pushes me, and constantly teaches me in every aspect of the fitness lifestyle. My diet has significantly improved this past year, and in doing so, has helped me reach new lifting and endurance goals. My strength in the gym has jumped dramatically as well. Tony has taught me proper form to achieve a safer lift, breathing exercises to push myself further, and unparalleled motivation of that likes that no one has seen before! If you are thinking of getting back into the gym, or continuing your fitness journey, there is not better person to be the Sam to your Frodo than Tony!!!

A32BEFE8-D764-4358-897D-6634BB93AA82 - Paine Boys.jpeg

Connie P.

"I’ve been working with Tony for eight months so far. The changes I’ve achieved physically and mentally are definitely due to the care and thought Tony puts into our workouts. He's there to help meet my personal goals with guidance on nutrition, weight loss, strengthening and conditioning. He is constantly revising his program to what best fits my needs. So grateful to be training with him!"

592327FC-7D90-4D49-A7C1-10C21897B9FD - antoinette cordero_edited.jpg

Antoinette C.

"Tony has the best energy and he really is my hype man pushing me during my workouts. He is so knowledgeable about the body and how it works. It shows during our workouts with how he customizes certain exercises based on my goals, as well as how I feel that day. It’s always a great time working with him. You can truly see he cares about his clients and wants them to succeed in their fitness goals!"

David Vine 2.jpg

David V.

"Tony brings a lot of positive energy, knowledge about both strength conditioning and nutrition, and creates workout plans that have helped me get a lot stronger without any injuries. I not only have learned so much about how to train and improve general form with different movements in the gym, but have also been able to positively change my daily nutrition habits with his help and supplement suggestions. By working with Tony and following his day-to-day healthy lifestyle, I’ve lost ~20lbs, built muscle, avoided injuries, recover much more quickly, and feel exponentially better with higher energy levels!"

9FF10875-E50C-4266-AC1B-998838F2365D - Karly Loberg.jpeg

Karly L.

"Tony worked remotely with me and provided me an ongoing, monthly training plan and made sure to call me twice a week to touch base on my training. I battled a few injuries and Tony continued to update my training plan around them. Tony helped me go from struggling to run 3 miles to completing a half marathon in 5 months."

7C7B06E0-CF09-49A7-934D-7F9D3773C9AB - Barbara Mortkowitz.jpeg

Barbara M.

"Tony’s goal with his clients is that they strive and achieve their best self, both physically and mentally. His training sessions are individualized and completely well thought out, and he is 100% focused on you. You may be sore as he ‘moves you up’ to the next level, but you’ll never feel pain. You’ll feel great joy as you notice the results! Tony is a class act, very sincere, and certainly a trainer extraordinaire."

Megan Pic 2.jpg

Megan F.

"I've been working with Tony for over a 1.5 years and have never felt stronger. Tony's holistic approach to achieving fitness goals has dramatically improved my outlook on fitness and working out. He makes every session fun, different, and worthwhile. I'm the most motivated and consistent I've ever been and can't imagine not working with him!"

Betsy 1.jpg

Betsy W.

"Tony is terrific! He’s very knowledgeable and explains the reasons behind the exercises he has you do so you have a better understanding. He shows the right way and the wrong way of positioning yourself, which is great for those of us who are visual learners. He’ll push you to do more reps or more weight as appropriate, and as such my strength has greatly increased. Education on nutrition, protein, and water, water, water are a big part of his training too. He always asks how you’re doing, asks if you hurt anywhere, asks if you have questions. He is so encouraging during the training sessions. Tony is very personable and has great educational videos. You gotta watch them!"

Fitch 1.jpg

Luis F.

"One the -many- things I like about training with Tony is that he really takes the time to explain the exercises and moves he has you perform, which helps you understand the benefits of each of the exercises. It’s always exciting to meet Tony because you don’t know what he will have you do next and how he will help you see what your body is capable of doing. Each session with Tony is not only a great workout but also a great time. Tony’s positive and welcoming attitude is contagious. You will leave each session feeling refreshed and feeling stronger than did before. I guarantee it!"

IMG_4544 - Steve Viola_edited.jpg

Steve V.

"I felt like I was plateauing on my bench press 6 months ago. I came to Tony knowing I'd been stuck in the same chest routine for too long. Tony designed me a custom program that encouraged me to push my weight in a smart, controlled, and dynamic way - implementing other body parts into my chest routine to support the bench press movement. My bench has gone up drastically in just 6 months, adding 50+ pounds to my lift while maintaining my body weight. Any questions I had, Tony had answers for."

833C5D81-FE13-4D08-ACF5-4865E481AD22 - Kaitlin Bramhall.jpeg

Kaitlin B. aka "Lil Miss Sass"

"Training with Tony has completely transformed fitness for me. Not only have I seen results like never before, but I enjoy each and every minute in the gym. Tony is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to ensure you’re getting the most of your workout with the perfect combination of teaching, support and pushing you. Not to mention he’s super fun to be around!! Sessions are full of good conversation and laughter. Even the group sessions feel like personal training with the attention Tony gives to every move. I am way stronger and more confident in the gym, I see physical results, and best of all I’m having a great time doing it!"

Tina M.jpeg

Christine M.

"Working with Tony has been fulfilling and helpful in my fitness journey. He is extremely collaborative in your journey and pushes you without the negative reinforcements traditionally used by other trainers. He’s positive, yet stern and encourages you to hold yourself accountable in all aspects of health and wellness."

TbT Logo.png


"It was an absolute pleasure working with Tony. I learned multi new methods and techniques to help me physically push myself. He takes the time to instruct you and makes sure you push yourself but not in a way to cause injury or harm. He created a unique powerlifting program for me which has shown great results. I would also recommend reaching out to Tony for personal training, nutritional, or programming services."


Ben B.

"Phenomenal trainer, even better person. Tony always had new workouts so I was never bored and always knew how to get the best out of me each day. He remembered if anyone had an injury so he could tailor the exercises for each individual. On top of that he helped me set up goals outside of the gym, nutrition and being active outside his classes, so that almost everyday I was bettering myself. I cannot say enough great things about him!"


Garret G.

"Tony is the most positive, fun, motivating coach I’ve ever worked with. He maintains an approachable, welcoming vibe while pushing you to the next level. I started working out with Tony when he was leading classes out of his garage. If he can go from his garage to state of the art gyms, then he can surely lead you towards accomplishing your fitness goals. Plain and simple: Tony is the man!!!"

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